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Center mounts of particular naturalistic interest, is situated on the southern depositor dell’Aspromonte, along the course of fiumara the Amendolea. It makes part of the so-called “Comunità Ellenofona di grecanica Calabria”.Il dell’area country is found to 971 meters on the sea level. It has a territory that extends for 54,03 Kmq and confines with the common ones of Reggio Calabria, Bagaladi, Condofuri, Cardeto, Saint Lorenzo, S. Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Roghudi, Stefano Saint in Aspromonte, Sinopoli and Scilla. It tos be distant 62 km from Reggio Calabria.
Roccaforte del Greco, Ellenofono country, in the heart, of the national park of the Aspromonte Italiano English version
Chiesa dello Spirito Santo
The country The National Park of the Aspromonte
Churches & monuments The manifestations in the common ones of the park
Aspromonte, diga on the Menta
Grecanica Area: the ancient Greek
Uses customs and traditions Grecanica area: borders put into effect them
Proverbi and ways to say "Language and writing Greek of the south Italy"
The kitchen "Wherever travel Greece m' wounds deeply..."..
The band complex "Gino Sergi" Cumelca: grecaniche songs and translations
  Tarantella and socialita' in the aspromonte
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INSTITUTIONAL LINK: NationalPark dell' Aspromonte; Provicia of Reggio Calabria; Region Calabria;
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