Parco Nazionale Dell' Aspromonte
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Nation: Italy Surface: 77,000 hectares Region: Calabria Province: Reggio Calabria Common: Africo, Antonimina, Bagaladi, Bova, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Canolo, Cardeto, Careri, Ciminà, Cinquefrondi, Cittanova, Condofuri, Cosoleto, Delianuova, Gerace, Mammola, Molochio, Oppido Mamertina, Palizzi, Platì, Reggio Calabria, Roccaforte del Greco, Roghudi, Samo, San Giorgio Morgeto, San Lorenzo, San Luca, San Roberto, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, Scido, Scilla, Sinopoli, Staiti, Varapodio.
Roccaforte del Greco: The gastronomia of the National Park of Aspromonte (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version

The gastronomica identity of the park.

If the coastal dell’area gastronomica tradition of Reggio Calabria is particularly rich of plates made up of fish (blue fish, tonno, fish sword) fished daily in the Strait, the montuose areas dell’interno they offer instead the products of typically pastorale un’economia and peasant. Grecanica Nell’area dell’Aspromonte in some villages still speaks a dialetto similar to the ancient Greek and here it is possible to find, but not in commerce, a rarest realized cheese pecorino with a stamp of particular wood, the musulupa, that it leaves on the shape un’impronta representing circular human figures, pupazzi. Traditional in the local kitchen they are maccaruni ‘e the house, maccheroni made by hand rolling up a pezzetto of paste around a giunco or to a knitting needle. Their origin is magnogreca, is flavored of usual with ragù of pig and manzo or goat. Maccaruni and the paste sand bank in kind, imported from the Arabs in X the century, is often insaporiti with sauce of fresh tomato, gravy of fish or fruits of sea, or comes proposals in timballo, farciti with cheeses and salami, legumi or verdure or, traditionally to the eve of Been born them, with salate anchovies and mollica. Typical of quest’area of the Calabria then capocolli, salsicce always enriched with chili pepper are soppressate, ‘nduja and and finocchietto. The cakies of the province reggina are un’anticipazione of rich, the sontuosa one, sicialian confectionery tradition. Particularly interesting the torroni, paste fillings soft of almond or of almonds to pezzetti and covered of wafer, glassato sugar or chocolate, black white man or. But it cannot be spoken about this zone of the Calabria without to cite the bergamot production. The news approximately the origin of the bergamot and l’avvio of the cultivation in this zone of the Calabria is most various. Original of the Canarian and carried in Spain, the city of Berga, from same Columbus, or arrived in Italy from Pulpit in Tuchia, more verosimilmente the bergamot is one spontaneous mutation from other taken root species citrus in XVII the century in i outskirtses of Reggio Calabria. The bergamot found in wraps coastal, long a hundred of kilometers to the base of the slopes dell’Aspromonte, between Saint Villa Giovanni and Ionic Gioiosa, the ideal land for its production. Its reputation is tied all’invenzione in 1704 of the first water of colony made up of bergamot essence, operates of profumiere piemontese e'migre' in Germany, to Colony. As a result of the development of the profumiera industry and to the great demand for essence the cultivations extended: in 1830, in the zone of Melito Port But, the great land owners dell’epoca realized the first industrial systems of transformation. The majority of the product currently is exported under all’estero essential oil shape, in particular in France, for being used from the cosmetic and druggist houses. Extraordinary the collection of fungi in the forests of faggi dell’Aspromonte: porcini, pineroli, rositi, tricoloma are in sale in stalls improvised on the roads dell’immediato entroterra reggino, in particular to Gambarie.


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