AREA GRECANICA "Ellenofoni di Calabria"
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In our small Mediterranean world, where too much often the violence and the separation show oneself, they remain alive minority, marginal cultures, esuli, migranti....Ston dicòmma cceddo cosmo mediterraneo pu spithìa fènondo to mblèscima ce to chòrimma mènusi zondàrese ghenèese cceddunedde, ti stecusi stin acri, ti fevgusi stin scenìa, ti pausi sti scenìa.
Roccaforte del Greco, Grecanica Area: XIX INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version

Versione stampabile



Bova – Marine Bova (Reggio Calabria)

To all those people which have sended salutes to the Convention, thanks.

Vùa ce Jalò knows stèddho cambòssa cinùrjia ' zze Sinèdrio you you Vùa. Sinèdrio dikàta cheretìsmata Stus òlu pu estìlai ta ja to, èna megàlo charistò.

The adhesions reached from every part have been most numerous d’Italia and of the world to XIX the International Conference of Studies, organized from the General Consulate of Greece of Naples, dall’Istituto University It orients them of Naples, from the Ellenofone Associations of the Calabria (Jalò you Vùa, Apodiafazzi, Cumelka) and from the Common one of Bova, under l’egida of the Ministries to the Culture of Greece and of the Ministry dell’Istruzione, University and Search d’Italia and the sponsorship of numerous agencies, of the Community Montana V.J.M. of Melito, of the common one of Common Marine Bova and the Ellenofoni. Between the reached adhesions marked those of the Ministry of the Insides go, of the President of the Province of Reggio Calabria, regional dell’Assessore to the Culture Saverio Zavettieri, dell’on. Paschal Tripodi, of the prof. Bordering, president of 40° the Scholastic District of Martano (C#lecce), of prof. the Frank Child dell’università of Turin, of preside of the Faculty of letters and the Philosophy dell’IUO of Naples, prof. Giovanni Cerri, of prof. the Georgogiannis dell’università of Patrasso, of prof. Sure (the Salento), of teacher, experts and students from every part d’Italia and dall’estero.

It was before the time that was succeeded in convogliare around to a felt problem therefore from the Ellenofoni of the South, but above all from those of the Calabria, therefore of much Italian and Greek University therefore a high number participants and representatives: Milan, Turin, Viterbo, Rome, Naples, Salerno, Venice, Messina, Catania, Bariums, Atene, Salonicco, Joannina, Patrasso, dell’Attica University, University of the Jonio and other anchor.

The relations, all of high scientific thickness, have marked l’inizio of the argument of the friday afternoon, and the jobs, coordinate you from proff. the Costantino Nikas and Filippo Violi, under the presidency of proff. the Vitti, Nikas, Kapsomenos, Silvestri and Spadaro has been protratti until hours 22,30. Proff. the M. Vitti, X. Karalambakis, D. Silvestri, V. Valeri, And Kapsomenos, G. Spadaro, F. Mosino, To Zumbo, P. Ntaltas, And Banfi, N. Mitsis, F. Violi, the poet T. Patrikios, the dramatist P. Metesis; proff. the G. Giannoulopoulou, R. Stavridis Patrikiou and Perlorentzu, the relation of prof. the Child (University of Turin) and of prof. Sure (the Salento), the participations of the representatives of Associations (C. Nucera, To Seville, S. Dieni, B. Traclò, To Squillaci), of the students and local artists, D. Candela, P. Casile, D. Larosa, have ignited a most interesting debate that is culminated in the approved of final document in the day of saturday 29 after that in morning the convegnisti, through a splendid route, had crossed Bova, the Fields of Bova, Roghudi and Roccaforte in order to find again itself then in the taverna Greek of Gallicianò. Sunday, to a visit to the National Museum of the Magna Greece, the evening of Leave and thanks to Dr. Chrisanti Panayotopoulou is finally continuation that is in procinto leaving the Consulate General of Greece of Naples in order more high and deserved assignment. The evening, which the mayors of Marine Bova have participated, Autelitano Pine and of Bova, Andrea Casile, is itself sluice finally with the songs and the dances of the Delia group.

To the debate that had opened thursday to Bova, they are continuations the relations and the relative arguments dell’intera day of friday in which also the finished round table with a document underwrite from the convegnisti in Italian, Greek language has been carried out and the Greek-calabra and that we bring back here of continuation.

Nell’ambito of the convention “Lingua and Writing of the Ellenofoni of the South Italia” Round Table has been organized one 28 fridays june 2002, with the following topic:

“L’Alfabeto of the Ellenofoni of the South Italy: Greco or Latino?”

To the argument they have taken to part seventeen convegnisti:

1. the president of the Jalò circle you Vùa, prof. Salvatore Dieni

2. the president of the Apodiafàzzi circle, Dr. Carmelo Nucera

3. the vice president of the Cumelka, sig. Augustin Seville

4. Dr. Annunziato Squillaci

5. prof. the Emanuele Banfi

6, l’iconografo Domenico Candle

7. prof. the Sure Salvatore (of which it has been read the relation)

8. prof. the Child (of which it has been read the relation)

9. prof. the Paschal Casile

10. prof. the Frank Mosino

11. prof. the Giuseppe Spadaro

12. dottor the Tawny Traclò

13. prof. the Mario Vitti

14. prof. the Domenico Larosa

15. prof. the Filippo Violi

16. the consul general of Greece to Naples, Chrisanti Panajotopoulou

The sixteen oratories are orient to you towards l’uso dell’alfabeto Greek for how much concern the writing of the Greek of the South Italy. Many of the oratories have supported that the system contemplated from the prof could be used. To Karanastasis, opportunely adapted all’insegnamento. In order to structure the system better it has been proposed l’istituzione of a commission formed from glottologi and specialists who will prepare their proposals in the short possible time.

As far as l’elaborazione of the writing system it has been proposed l’istituzione of a commission formed from experts glottologi that they will prepare in the short possible time the solution of the particular problems of writing, of the double consonanti, the group consonantici, historical dell’ortografia, and therefore via.

It has been moreover emphasized from the Presidency that the Greek convegnisti have evidenced the presence of problems generate them relati you to the writing, without to take position on the choice dell’alfabeto since it assumes symbolic and ideological meaning simply.

The choice dell’alfabeto has been made, like logical, from the same ones ellenofoni, that they have expressed their will through the representatives of their Associations, from the investigators ellenofoni and the Italian specialist university professors.

It has been moreover proposed from the Presidency to institute a scientific convention from the topic “Lingua and civilization of the Ellenofoni of the South Italia” to come true every three years in Calabria or the Salento and that it will have to verify like first analysis topics that are in relation with the survival of the culture of the Ellenofoni.

The two proposals have been accepted all’unanimità from all the members of the Convention.

After the voting it has been created a Commission for the realization of the proposals that will be composed from proff. the Frank Child dell’università of Turin, from prof. the Emanuele Banfi dell’università of Milan, from prof. the Frank Mosino, the representatives of the associations and experts ellenofoni.

For how much it concerns the jobs to carry out in Calabria have been designated the Advanced Regional center dell’Istituto of Ellenofoni Studies of the Calabria. Finally it has been decided to write up this document in Italian language, neogreca and Greek of Calabria.

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Permanent seat: Cataforìo (RC)



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