Parco Nazionale Dell' Aspromonte
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Nation: Italy Surface: 77,000 hectares Region: Calabria Province: Reggio Calabria Common: Africo, Antonimina, Bagaladi, Bova, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Canolo, Cardeto, Careri, Ciminà, Cinquefrondi, Cittanova, Condofuri, Cosoleto, Delianuova, Gerace, Mammola, Molochio, Oppido Mamertina, Palizzi, Platì, Reggio Calabria, Roccaforte del Greco, Roghudi, Samo, San Giorgio Morgeto, San Lorenzo, San Luca, San Roberto, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, Scido, Scilla, Sinopoli, Staiti, Varapodio.
Roccaforte del Greco: distances and excursions of the National Park of Aspromonte (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version


The Aspromonte offers the possibility to cover fascinating ways on foot, from most comfortable and very it characterizes you from the signalling to those impervi, long and more adventurous ones. The distances mark to you are several. To less the most prati us than excursions those are advised that snodano in the outskirtses of Gambarie.

The path that leads from Gambarie to Montalto (segnavia red-white man-red and n 205, time 9 hours for gone and the return) part from be them 183, to 300 meters from Mangeruca Public square. It knows them to the source Water of the Face and to the Public square Nino Martino, therefore it comes down towards the Caddeo locality in order then to go back towards the glades of Materazzelli, and to lead finally to the feet of the Montalto. The top of this last one, from which all the Aspromonte is controlled, is caught up by means of a way in light climb, and is characterized from one statue of the Redentore and equally an evocative rose of the twenty, both in bronze.

From Gambarie to the Mausoleo di Garibaldi the route is said Red Path (segnavia red and n 209, time 5 hours for gone and the return). It proceeds without to introduce difficulty for pinete and faggete, than to times they leave space to characteristic glades in which of summer the green of the ferns and the yellow of the ginestre predominate. Along the way streams and sources do not lack. Part from be them 183, to some hundred of meters from Gambarie, and is come down until fiumara the Saltolavecchia; it is crossed and it is continued until arriving near Flat Vadi. From it is come down here gradually to goes them until is not reached, close Petrulli Greenhouse, in a pineta secular where the piemontesi soldiers hurt Garibaldi and where today the Mausoleo guards some cimeli that they remember the hero. To approximately a kilometer, they offer ristoro several trattorie.

The distance that goes from Gambarie to Basilicò Mount is called Green Path (segnavia green and n 210, time 5 hours for gone and the return). The mount, whose slopes are colored of green in spring, gives to the hiker Hush absolute and one irreale light. The path begins from Be them 183, to 200 meters from Mangeruca Public square, and after a po' it knows them to right for the Mount depositors Sirocco. It continues in climb towards Nardello Mount, therefore after the Ostello of the youth one heads to right in order to entire cover the Basilicò Mount, incontrastato reign of faggi and firs. To they goes, close Three Aie, the distance has term in one sterrata road that filler to Gambarie.

In order to reach from Gambarie the Plans of Melia Yellow Path (segnavia yellow and n 208 is followed, time 8 hours for gone and the return). It at first must follow the Red Path until Flat Vadi, therefore to straight proceed towards the source Water of the Monaco and the evocative Step of the two Fiumare. A sterrata road is caught up then that door with facility to the Plans of Melia, than is found near the pinete more of Aspromonte known: those of the Plans of Carmelia. In order to return to Gambarie it can be proceeded towards south, to cross the fiumara of the Red deer, to go up until the Strut of the Albara and then coming down until the bridge that door this same name. Crossed the bridge, the path is red-establish on the left to the feature already covered to the gone one.

The distance that goes from Gambarie to Public square Nino Martino is said Blue Path (segnavia blue and n 207, time 6 hours for gone and the return). It coincides with the paths Red and Yellow until Plans Quarters, then it knows them to right towards the mountain, and sfocia in the forest in an easy path that, after some hundred of meters, leads to Public square Nino Martino. From charming panoramas of Montalto, the Sicily and the Etna admire here. Exceeded Public square Nino Martino, the distance comes down in direction the south-west towards the source Water of the Face, and continues for Tip Scirocco and Gambarie. Nino Martino was brigante fearing of the 1600's; its gesta even carried the terror to the city of Reggio. According to a legend, for many years every viandante it left to fall a pebble in the place in which the outlaw fell, and that ended for giving strange life to that agglomerate one of cliffs that Public square Nino Martino characterizes today.

In order to go from the dam on the Mint to the cascades Menta-Amendolea (segnavia rossobianco-red and n 116, time 4 hours for gone and the return), it must exceed fiumara the Mint and go up for one road sterrata until one bifurcation. After to have turned to right it is continued in order to catch up a declivity; therefore it is come down to a spuntone, and it is continued turning on the left along the path of average coast. Little hundreds of meters still and appear cascades. The path between is struck also not having like point of Gambarie departure. The reason is in the brevity of the distance and the wonderful show offered from cascades. To their base, the natural bathtub invites to an immersion in the warmer days.

The Italy Path (segnavia red-white man-red, acronym Sl and n 133) are a distance that alloy south and north of ltalia: draft of 5000 km to cover itself on foot in 350 stages. It concurs to know a made nation of rare landscapes and of colorful centers it lives to you, ignores to you from the conventional tourism. In Aspromonte the Italy Path leaves from Reggio Calabria and touches Gambarie, Wrists, the Costantino Lago, S. Luca, Stone Cappa and Zervò. The percorribili features are everyone with tre-sette hours of way.

The enough impegnativo circular distance Platì - Slowly Winged - Air of the Wind - Platì (path n 111) demands 5 hours. Left the lived one of Platì, the track is followed towards Palumbo locality; therefore Sava Step is continued in direction, costeggiando the fiumara of Platì and crossing forests of leccio and farnetto. Crossed the fiumara, they along the path knows itself until Winged Plans (1000 m). The track is connected here to that forest one, turns to right and crosses driven in faggete until the peak Air of Wind (1024 m). In order to return, s' it feeds the mulattiera that comes down to Platì; it is connected close to the path of gone the Corato source.

The 120 km that they go from Gambarie to the Greenhouses they take the name of Path of the Brigante because, to the time of the colonizations magno-Greek and Roman, they constituted a struck distance from rebellious, escaped to you and announced publicly. Still before it was instead a route much continuation from the populations sicanie and bruzio-lucane, for the spostamentí along the calabrian peninsula. Path (segnavia red-white man-red and n 206) develops along the Appennine ridge in direction north, and covers naturalistic oltreché historical importance. To the offered charming show from the nature, as an example with the waterfalls of the Marmarico, small signs are alternated leave you from the man, like the rests of going back fortifications to the 72-71 a.C., and other traces more obvious which the Certosa of Greenhouse S. Bruno and the Catholic of Stilo. March days are necessary 6-8.

The distance from Samo to Montalto (segnavia red-white man and n 116), that it combines the coast orients them of the Aspromonte to its higher summit, is dedicated to the lovers of the nature and above all to who it is fascinated from the traces that the man has left in the centuries with its job and its history. The first system of Samo was built up from a population of Greek origin in the pressed ones of the coast; the lived one later on was moved towards the inside in order better to defend it from the incursions from the sea. After the ' 400 it taken the name of Precacore; destroyed from the earthquake in the 1783 and therefore reconstructed one, it was abandoned after the earthquake of 1908 and rebuilt little more to it goes them, where she is found currently. From 1911 its name is returned Samo. The ruderi of Precacore are found little distant from the coast: on a peak to approximately 400 meters on the sea level, between fiumara the Green and the Saint Walloon Caterina. The path for Montalto, percorribile in two days, nearly crosses irreali landscapes, constituted from dirupi and gorges, deep valleys and to fiumare impetuous, from sunny peaks and driven in forests therefore that the light nearly does not penetrate to you.

Still signs of the past and outbreaks of nature are protagonists on the path that goes from Bova to Delianuova (segnavia red-white man-red and n 128). The distance concurs, with 2-4 days of march, valicare the Aspromonte from the ionic depositor to that tirrenico. The inhabitants of the Greek colony of Delia went back the mountain in order to insediarsi more in protect zones from the attacks from the sea. Some were settled down to Bova, others valicarono the crinale in order to found Paracorio, close Pedavoli. These last nuclei live to you characterize the important today center of Delianuova, than it shows oneself on the Flat one of Tauro Joy and the Tyrrhenian one. The path traced from the inhabitants of Delia is served until the half of the 800 favoring the contacts and the exchanges between people of Bova and that one of Pedavoli, especially in occasion of the respective patronali festivities. Today that the rotabili roads exist, this path returns living with all its history for gets passionate you to it of the mountain.

Of historical-landscaped interest, the circular distance Samo - Precacore - Throats the Green - Palecastro demands 3-4 hours of way. From Samo the bridge of Caterina Saint is caught up, it crosses itself and they knows itself until Fontana of the Rocca; therefore s' she feeds on the left the path that door to the ruderi of Precacore. They until chiesetta of S. knows itself the Giovanni, and she continues between Mediterranean spot and forests in Julia direction. The plateau of Molia and then the spuntone of the said cliffs "Prachi" and "Timpa of don Brazzito" is caught up at first; from these last ones the throats of fiumara the Green can be admired. It is returned behind until immettersi in the mulattiero path that leads to Palecastro. From the carrabile road is taken here that comes down to the Saint Walloon Caterina, and it is continued for that one asphalted that it knows them until Samo.

The distance Mount of the Orgiata - S. Cliffs Peter - Cappa Stone is contraddistinto from n the 112 and it is covered in 4 hours. Left Mount of the Orgiata (603 m), easy raggiungibile from Been born them, Peter arrives itself through a mulattiera road to cliffs of S. (can itself here be characterized antichi giacigli digs to you in the cliff from basiliani hermits). Proceeding in climb towards the plateau of Livadoce, s' he intercrosses the coming from path from S. George (in the area of this center find the rests of one chiesetta medieval); he turns himself then to right. Therefore us a lecceto heads towards Cappa Stone, crossing until reaching casello of S. George (677 m). The track is followed therefore that they knows towards Locks High and, once intercrossed the road that reaches from Been born them, is come down to right towards the departure point.

The Ancient Path of Greeks (n 101) corresponds to the Mammola distance - Torbid River - Step Saddleback - Saint Sanctuary Nicodemo - Limina Step; it demands 3-4 hours of way. From Mammola the sterrata road is taken that costeggia the fiumara Torbid and that allows to catch up Step Saddleback (was this the only one via of communication for the antichi people of the Locride and the Flat one of Tauro Joy). One proceeds therefore for the plateau "Pits of Saint Nicodemo", where the Saint Sanctuary Nicodemo of Forest (703 m is found). One comfortable road to natural bottom door from here to the Step of the Limina, to quota 822 meters.


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