Parco Nazionale Dell' Aspromonte
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Nation: Italy Surface: 77,000 hectares Region: Calabria Province: Reggio Calabria Common: Africo, Antonimina, Bagaladi, Bova, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Canolo, Cardeto, Careri, Ciminà, Cinquefrondi, Cittanova, Condofuri, Cosoleto, Delianuova, Gerace, Mammola, Molochio, Oppido Mamertina, Palizzi, Platì, Reggio Calabria, Roccaforte del Greco, Roghudi, Samo, San Giorgio Morgeto, San Lorenzo, San Luca, San Roberto, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, Scido, Scilla, Sinopoli, Staiti, Varapodio.
Roccaforte del Greco, ASPROMONTE, DAM On the MENTA: The BILLIONS On WATER (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version

Versione stampabile

of Domenico Labate
* * *

Friday five september of 1986, is midnight. Two laborers, in locality Piscopìo di Roccaforte del Greco, in the heart of the Aspromonte, o to a casermetta situated to 500 meters from the yard of the dam under construction on the Menta, in order to prepare load with which making saltareuna part of the cliff in which gallery of seven kilometers for two meters of diameter comes dug one: Michele Poets, 24 years, driver, and Domenico Cambareri, 44 years come down from the van, begin to capture the explosive, in the premises ce are 150 chili. To unexpected a roar it rips the mountain.

The job companions find only parts of the body of Michele Poets; the other is literally pulverized; of the warehouse and the van not there é more some trace. "the late hour of this operation - the newspaper explains is justified from the fact that the jobs go ahead without pauses, 24 hours on 24".

And of facts the Ferrocemento-Italstrade of Rome, highest bidder of the contract, together to the subcontracting SALCOS, edalla sub-sub contracting out GiEnne (the same company of which Calabria it has been taken care in reporting of I subcontract of the jobs of construction of the new center of the Regional Council, to Reggio) seem to have one haste of the devil in order to realize this invaded from 18 million cubic meters, planned from the ELC - Electroconsult of Milan.

Sure, the two poor laborers could not know that, in 1979, to Milan there was someone, like the Electroconsult, that he was studying how much water will be consumatadopo 37 years, in 2016, "the litoraneo territory of the common ones of Squill, Saint Villa Giovanni, Calabro Field, Reggio Calabria, Saint Motta Giovanni, Ionic Montebello and Saint Lorenzo".

There beautiful E' to know that é always someone that is taken care of the Calabria, to Milan, species in a period in which they mount worrisome antisouthern regurgitations and anticalabrians. He would not be badly if, some time, also the calabrians were puttinges to part of these good intentions to benefit them, asking also their modest thought.

The just worry on an estimated lack of 52 million cubic meters of water in 2016, (if before not there is the problem of the day after) found however immediate, sensitive reply to Rome, where in 1979 the sollecitudine for the Calabria was not minor who in the capoluogo Ambrosian, species to the Office Aqueducts of the Fund for the South, than in the within of the Special Plan n°26 found the time to finance the dam, with the prompt approval of the Higher council of the Jobs Publics. Planning and direction of the jobs were entrusted to the Electroconsult, to which today also the study on the eventual damages is entrusted acclimatizes them that it would carry the dam from it same planned Electroconsult.

Saying, fact (if one may use the expression) the work has left from a estimate of expense of a ottantina of billions, but already today it travels to the speed of 210 billions, much to interest the on. Giacomo Mancini, that it has turned a year ago a interrogation to the Prime Minister of the ministers Goria (titular of Southern Italy) because arranged "an accurate and rigorous surveying … in order to understand in which way it is justified, on the technical plan, the amount of the suppletive skills disposed and connected with this directory of the new arranged prices, and, finally, if the consisting existing difference, between the amount of award of the contract, and those up to now obtained with the skills and that expectable one to conclusion of the jobs, re-enter in one eccezionalità or normality situation ".

Also senator Giuseppe Petronio, today undersecretary to Southern Italy, has expressed some perplexity, making to mean that it will have to make an accurate appraisal on the usefullness of the enterprise. Analogous positions, with various accentuations, have determined from part of the former regional city council member to the industry Iacino Pine and of the former city council member to the urban planning Augusto Di Mark, that it had asked its given offices and technical references. A callback to the exercise of the regional competences has come in more recent times from puts into effect them city council member to the industry, Francisco Costantino, that it has declared that "the Region cannot renounce to its prerogatives and to make to be worth its reasons once that it assumes the title of the financing of important works therefore [ … ] The minimum that the Region can and must make - has still said Costantino- is that one to subject the issue to the respect of necessary ties, before proceeding to the financing of the work with debatable procedures and sospette ".

These appraisals have been integrated from its colleague city council member to the jobs publics Aniello Di Nitto, that it has remembered that the committee has dealt of the dam on the Mint 23 February 1988. "On my proposal - the city council member says has decided itself to maintain the demand for financing of 80 billions for the adducent ones to goes them of the invaded one that they will serve to carry the drinkable water towards Reggio [ … ] in wait to know the outcome of the controls that the technicians are carrying out on the problem. If it will not be possible to continue the construction, will have to be possible to move, in the emergency, the financings ".

On the topic of the prerogatives that the institutions must exercise in matter of control of the impact acclimatize them, one has expressed also Mario Laface, communal councilman to Reggio, that he has asked the mayor if is true that "the common one of Reggio, the provincial administration, the same Region has been excluded sin from the moment of the planning from the work". Laface denunciation also "with the start of the jobs, damages to water supplying of Reggio, in how much the realization also of a single gallery for convogliare the waters involves the serious risk of the discouragement of the existing water-bearing stratums". And to these ago pure stratums reference one studious of the history of Reggio, Arillotta Franc, that it has published a map of possible the new points of withdrawal of money that already exist in the historical center "the regarding data stratigraphy of the land on which our city rises - Arillotta- says is publishes in notes scientific works to you. The captazione of waters in the low zone of the city does not exceed the ten meters of depth. It is not the case to entrust itself to the weakest hopes of the obstruction delMenta, tied to hypothetical intense rainfall phenomena ".

On opposite theses completamete the mayoralty. Riunionetra secretariats confedera them and categories of the electrical workers, buildings and labourers of CGIL, CISL, UIL, 3 slid March, produce a document in which the completion of the operariveste is supported that "a great productive, economic, social and tourist value, in how much the waters of the Mint will have to be used to water, but also irriguo and naturally energetic scope. Moreover é to evidence the positive infuence there that the completion of the dam will have in the occupational field ".

* * *

On the argument, until some time it makes disowned if it had not been for the sturdy initiative of the weekly magazine reggino "the days", directed from Antonio the Tella, has get loosed a hard controversy enviromentalist. More resumptions, newspapers like Republic, the Messenger, Gazette of the South, the Newspaper of Calabria, the Expressed one (with an article of Fulco Pratesi), the Sun 24 Hours, and finally the prestigious National Geographic, have denounced in critical terms what they think us one ecological scempio, expensive useful not necessary how much neither.

The associations are taken part enviromentalists, like the Ambient Committee and Territory, "People in Aspromonte", the LIPU, Kronos 1991, the WWF - Deep World-wide for the Nature, Ambient Alloy of the ARCS, the ENPA, the Calcidese Circle. All these cultural forces have forwarded two denunciations to the magistracy, to the interested ministries, the Attorney General's Office of the Court of Conti, for the possible reliefs penal and trained you of the operation.

The dam is not only useless and dangerous, devastating for the atmosphere, they remember, but also illegal, as the former ministers of the Jobs have already written in their denunciations to the Court of Conti and the Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Reggio publics, Nicolazzi, of the Ecology, Zanone and the ministry for the Agriculture and forestry.

When in fact the plan was approved of, in 1979, the area was bound (and it it is still) from the institutive law of the national park of the Calabria (the only one in the meridione) approved of the 2 you open them of 1968, that it excludes express that to the inside of the park they can be realized manufatti in reinforced concrete (for the dam if they must some pour 2.1 million cubic meters), roads (is previewed one "circumlacuale" of 3 km) or the water regimes can be modified. Neither it is worth to heal the illegalità (and at least the illegittimità) of the operation the fact that, a posteriori regarding the planning, to the financing, of the contract contest, and however only before consegnadel the yard of the work (happened 11 March 1985), has been approved of of soppiatto in Parliament an amendment to a law by decree for the Calabria, introduced 12 December 1984 in order to cover the wages of the forest ones: lapidariamente, art. the 3, not without a sure kafkiana irony, explain that "in exception to the prohibition previewed from the law 2/4/1968… the intersettoriale aqueduct of the Mint is concurred the realization of the concerning works ".

In legittimità topic odierna, however, there é a technical relation to for internal use only, produced from regional civil employees, than ago the point on the iter physicist-bureaucratic of the jobs.

"they have been disboscati 127 hectares, - the relation with regulating authorization of the Forest Inspectorate in date 15/7/85 says, before the entrance in vigor of the law Galasso, the 431 of the 8/8/1985". Ventiquattro days before, for the exactitude.

"To the inside of this society SALCOS zone-continues the relation has demanded:

1) Authorization for the construction of one rubbish dump of inert materials on 29.400 meters you squared, for a height of mt. 35. The diascarica, to filled up dam, will turn out submergeeed. Relatively to the construction of the rubbish dump it exists the Decree of the President of the Regional Committee n°961 of the 11/8/87 to the landscaped ends and acclimatizes them.

2) Authorization for the opening of the quarry of loan for the construction of the body dam. The quarry has been authorized to the fine idrogeologici but the null one osta to the ends does not exist acclimatizes them and paesistici.

3) Authorization R-all'.apertura of the circumlacuale road on the perimeter of the invaded one. The authorization has been granted, to fine the technician - forest, for feature There -C and A-B, while for feature C-B attached topographical cartina is occupied from the National Park (there é the reference to one. NdR). For the circumlacuale road it has not been still emitted the null one osta to the ends acclimatizes them of which to art. the 1 of cited the Galasso law.

As far as the invaded zone, it is in part competence of the National Park, in part already is espropriata but not authorized to the cut.

They one thinks that, - conclude the technical relation being therefore the things, are not opportune to continue with sector opinions, separates to you and it does not coordinate in theirs entirety to you, while it would be opportune to examine the plan in its interezza to the ends of the sopracitata one leggeGalasso and the infuence that the work will go to determine on the atmosphere ".

What says the scientists? Those little that speak show to repent quickly of, like prof. the F. Macchione, of the Department of Defense of the Ground of the University of the Calabria, than in a convention to Amantea its scholarly relation has introduced one on the climatic impact of the dam, from which it turns out that in analogous circumstances greater air of 21% is "an increase of the humidity relativadell'".

The thesis of a consisting modification of the local climate has been confirmed from prof. the Giuseppe Frega, director of the same department. Prof. the Loreto Red, than standard Ecology to the university "the Wisdom" of Rome, says that "for the elevated evaporation that the water endures in these zones they have negatives repercussions on lands waters to you for cultivation, which stretches to become rich of knows them and to completely become unusable. The high concentration of sulfates and chlorides door to one desertificazione of the territory ".

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