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Center mounts of particular naturalistic interest, is situated on the southern depositor dell’Aspromonte, along the course of fiumara the Amendolea. It makes part of the so-called “Comunità Ellenofona di grecanica Calabria”.Il dell’area country is found to 971 meters on the sea level. It has a territory that extends for 54,03 Kmq and confines with the common ones of Reggio Calabria, Bagaladi, Condofuri, Cardeto, Saint Lorenzo, S. Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Roghudi, Stefano Saint in Aspromonte, Sinopoli and Scilla. It tos be distant 62 km from Reggio Calabria.

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The economy of Roccaforte del Greco(R.C.) Italy

The wealth of Roccaforte of the Greek boschiva dall’industria drift and from the attivita’ connected. Much practical one is also the pastorizia. The local production of latticini is between lemigliori of the zone.
Rinomato is the canestrato one:
It can be produced with latte ovine, goat, vaccine or compound. Normally it has a cylindrical shape with barefoot of 7, 8 centimeters and diameter of 17, 20; the varied weight from 1 to 2 chili. When the stagionatura is adapted, the crust has compact structure with variable color from the yellow-tawny one to the intense gray and is very visible the deriving striature the characteristics to fascere of giunco interlaced used in the working. The sentori that this cheese can recall (remaining, in any case, strongly legacies dell’animale all’alimentazione and to the stagionatura) rifare herbaceous notes, of underbrush, flowers and citruses; the taste is delicate, plus piccante to advanced maturation, of discreet palatabilità and length. To times, before producing the canestrato one, part of the curd juncata, other traditional calabrian cheese is transformed in.
L’attivita’ agricultural, also present on the territory, it does not succeed alone in lenire l’annosa plague of juvenile unemployment. Elevated it is, in fact, the number of the families that are forced to move to Melito Port But and Reggio Calabria, or, that they must emigrate in the countries of the north. Only source of retribuito yield comes from the Forest Company of the Calabria region, where the assumptions, of new levers, are blocked from far away 1981.
Many expectations were riposte on the institution of the agency, "National Park of the Aspromonte" and on costruenda the dam of the "Mint":
to tutt' today, although, all the immense communal territory, makes part of the park, the only facilities had from the residents is the prohibition sets up from such institute;
from the dam instead, eccezion made of little assumed persons, for short period of time (today it vacates to you), not you e' be some other benefit for the country.
In country they live above all pensions to you. Little the attivita’ it trades them, small botteghe above all alimentary.

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