Parco Nazionale Dell' Aspromonte
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Nation: Italy Surface: 77,000 hectares Region: Calabria Province: Reggio Calabria Common: Africo, Antonimina, Bagaladi, Bova, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Canolo, Cardeto, Careri, Ciminà, Cinquefrondi, Cittanova, Condofuri, Cosoleto, Delianuova, Gerace, Mammola, Molochio, Oppido Mamertina, Palizzi, Platì, Reggio Calabria, Roccaforte del Greco, Roghudi, Samo, San Giorgio Morgeto, San Lorenzo, San Luca, San Roberto, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, Scido, Scilla, Sinopoli, Staiti, Varapodio.
Roccaforte del Greco: the events in the National Park of Aspromonte (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version

Versione stampabile


Summer in Park 2004
Aspromonte living
LONG NIGHT OF MEDEA of Corrado Alvaro
In collaboration with artistic Association Mana Chuma and Fondazione Corrado Alvaro
30 Bagaladi June (preview) - 2 July Squill (before national)
Retorts: 3 July Bova - 6 July Delianuova - 7 July Gerace - 9 Saint July Luca

_ L’OPERA Of the the PUPI of Venerando Gargano
Cinquefrondi 25 July - Saint Luca 1 August - Antonimina 6 August - Canolo 8 August - Scido 11 August - Molochio 13 August - Sinopoli 17 August - Ferruzzano 19 August - Samo 21 August

The SAND In the BURLAP Machine Works
Story sull’incompatibilità between various cultures also and above all in the good faith.
S. George Morgeto 4 August - Cosoleto 12 August - Oppido M. 18 August - Delianuova 20 August - Mammola 22 August


Gerace, 26-28 July
Organization: Common of Gerace

Varapodio, 25 July-22 August
Organization: Common of Varapodio

You are yourself, Luglio-Settembre
Organization: For Native place You are yourself

Saint Luca, August
Organization: Common of Saint Luca

"Music you Cosmu stin Greek Calavrìa" Music of the World in the Greek Calabria - the Cardìa ce to Pigadi the Heart and the Source
1-21 August In the common ones of Bova, Bagaladi, Marine Bova, Condofuri, Melito Port But, Palizzi, Roccaforte of the Greek, Roghudi, Saint Lorenzo, You are yourself.
Artistic director: Ettore Chestnut

Mostra-Mercato of the Typical Products of the National Park dell’Aspromonte
Cinquefrondi, 6-8 August
Organization: Common of Cinquefrondi

Scido, 8 August - Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, 11 August - S. Cristina in Aspromonte, 14 August
Organization: Community Depositing Montana Southern Tirrenico

Literary teas - XIX edition
The Inn of the Brigante - Gambarie di S. Stefano in Aspromonte, hours 18.00
4 August: Presentation of the volume “Montagne of Calabria” of F. Bevilacqua, Rubbettino Publisher
10 August: Presentation of the cd of Otello Profazio on the brigante Musolino
12 August: Presentation of the volume “Operazione Baytown” of G. Marcianò, City of the Sun Editions

Marcialonga AICS VerdAspromonte XXIX edition
18 August

Prizes Altis Calabria for the Sport - IX edition
23 August - Excelsior Hotel

Ciminà, 11 August
Organization: Common of Ciminà

Gambarie di S. Stefano in Aspromonte, 13-15 August
Organization: Demetra associates coop. to r.l.

Itinerante Festival of the road theatre.
Gambarie di S. Stefano in Aspromonte, 17 August 2004
Organization: ARCS New Association Reggio Calabria

Cittanova, 4 September
Organization: Common of Cittanova


Plans of Camelia - Delianuova, 8 August
Organization: Association
cultural “N. Spadaro” - Delianuova - Comprehensive Institute - Delianuova

Promoted tourist-cultural manifestation from the Common ones of Antonimina, Canolo, Ciminà, Cinquefrondi, Cittanova, Saint George Morgeto and from the Montana Community of the Limina. 10-30 August.
Organization: Common of Canolo

For information:
Via Dawn - 89050 Gambarie di Santo Stefano d’Aspromonte
Tel. 0965/743060 - 743026 - Email:

Manifestations in the Common ones of the Park
Calendar 2004

January - February
20 January
Festivity of the Saint patron Sebastiano with colorful processioni.

3 February
Festivity of Saint Biagio.

South west wind
To February
Window on South west wind
Typical and artisan productions with demonstration (ancient webbing).
In all the Common ones of the Park
Paraded of typical local masks, dances, tamburi and farces and festivities in public square with "frittuli and gambuni".
March - You open Them

12 March
Patronale festivity in honor of S. Nicodemo To B.

19 March
Saint Giuseppe
Typical festivity with "paste and ceci" after the traditional processione

The ancient festivity carries out in spring with the visit of Ancient Village and the typical tasting of the traditional plates

Paschal period
Processione of the Saint Friday to the Mount Calvary, Processione of Sunday of Passover with the "Sbelata" (encounter with the Madonna and revived Christ), Processione of Announced (successive Sunday to Passover).

19 March
Festivity in honor of Saint Giuseppe

The first Sunday after Passover
Festivity of the Madonna di Prestarona with traditional fair.

Bruzzano Zeffirio
The last Sunday of you open them
Festivity of the massari

In all the Common ones of the Park
In paschal occasion of the festivity traditional processioni for the ways of the country are kept.
May - June


5 May
Festivity of Saint Leo

The first Sunday of May
Patronale festivity of Saint Nicholas

The first Sunday of May
Patronale festivity of Saint Nicholas

The first Sunday of May
Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Michele

First decade of May
International Festival of the scholastic design "Saint Park Museum Barbara"

Successive Sunday
Festivity to the Sanctuary of Saint Nicodemo A.B. to the Limina
The Sanctuary, included in the routes calabrians of Giubileo 2000 is inhabited from a monaco and is opened all the year.

13 June
Festivity of S. Antonio with dressed children of dresses white men with in hand giglio and a distribution of breads.

Sunday of the Corpus Dominions
Processione of the historical center with visit of the Churches and Altarini, with launch of flowers of poppies and ginestra, on the balconies are exposed covered realized to the chassis.

South west wind
12 May
Festivity of the Saint Patron Leo

The first Sunday of June
Festivity in honor of Saint Giuseppe

13 June
Festivity of S. Antonio with consecrated bread distribution.

13 June
Festivity of the S. patron Antonio

24 June
Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Giovanni Batiste

Reggio Calabria
From June to the fine August
"Reggina Summer"
In several zones of the city teatrali and musical shows are kept and on lungomare "Festival of the cinema".
July - August

1 July
Festivity in honor of the Sacred Heart with traditional dance of the small horse.

15 July
Festivity of Maria SS of the Carmelo with characteristic processione in traditional custom.

To August
"Week of the tourist"
Dedicated to the folklore, the popular traditions, the local handicraft and the enogastronomia; "' tiana Nta": artists of road and tasting of typical products; "Musicarchitettura": review of lyric music between historical monuments.

2 July
Festivity in honor of the Madonna of Thanks

To July
For they knocks
Popular festivity with songs, dances and tasting of salsicce.


All the fridays of July, August and the 1 September
Pilgrimage on foot in order to catch up the Sanctuary of S. Nicodemo A.B. covering the "Seja", the road of the Greeks (Gathering to Wide Magenta to hours 6,00).

July, August and September
Artistic and cultural manifestations to the Saint Museum Barbara

9 August
Festival of the Stocco
Folkloristici tasting of the pietanza served in tegami of terracotta, songs, dances, shows and fires of the ciuccio and the pupazza.

11 August
Festivity of the regional Voluntary service

15 August
Festivity of the Mountain to the Limina Village of the "Madonna of the Assumed one"

To August and September
Festivity of the good return and the hospitality

Wrists (Saint Luca)
14 July
Third Festivity of the Reconciliation
The 14 July the 2001 representatives of the making Agencies part of the Community of the National Park of the Aspromonte, convene near the Sanctuary of Wrists, sanctioned one New Alliance between Society and Nature in Aspromonte, underwriting the Paper of the Civilization of the Aspromonte. From then, every year, the Festivity of the Reconciliation is celebrated in order ribadire the engagement to respect the Principles and the Values of the Paper of the Civilization.

16 July
Festivity of the Madonna of the Carmelo

To August
Festival of the zeppole and the eggplants

You are yourself
24 July
Fair of the handicraft and agricultural and food- products

To August
Festival of the maccheroni

Saint Roberto
26 July - 20 August
Sanrobertese Summer
Cultural review of folklore, popular traditions, handicraft and enogastronomia.

28 July
Patronale festivity of S. Elia

1 August
Festivity of the Gonfalone

24/25 August
Festivity of the Madonna of the Carmelo

2 August
Festivity of the Madonna di Lourdes

S. Eufemia d' Aspromonte
4 August - Sacred of the Potato
10 August - Sacred of the Crespella and Pannocchia
23 August - Sacred of the sausage

South west wind
6 August - Festivity of Saint Salvatore

First week of August
Cosi ' nto tempu
Extension on the antichi trades.

S. Agate of the White man
12 August - Sacred of the Maccheroni

First half of August
Festivity of Emigrating with tasting of local typical products

S. George Morgeto
Half August - Festivity of Emigrating

To August - Paleariza Festival of ethnic music

Second week of August
Festivity of the Madonna of the snow

To August
"Sacred of caciocavallo and the native produce" and "the Emigrating Festivity of" (the second week of August) with fair on the typical products and local handicraft.

To August
"Sacred of soppressata" and "the Festival of the zeppola and the ice cream"

Advanced Condofuri
To August
Festival of the maccaruni and the meat of goat
Gastronomica manifestation during which the gravy made with tomato and the meat of goat are tasted maccheroni with.

Last Saturday of August
Fair of Saint Carl

To August
Cosoletana Summer
Cultural manifestation in which they are of folklore scene, popular traditions, handicraft and enogastronomia and Festival of the sausage.

Oppido Mamertina
To August
Mamertino August
To the standard of the folklore, of the popular traditions, the handicraft and the enogastronomia.

To August
Festival of the Zippole, the Capicollo, the Maccheroni

Roccaforte del Greco

To August
Festival of the maccheroni: Paste made in house with gravy of meat of salata goat and annealed.
16 August patronale Festivity of S.Rocco
17 & 18 August proseguio of the festeggiamenti in honor of Saint Rocco

Chorio di Roccaforte
14/15 August festeggiamenti in honor of of the Madonna of the Assumed one,
days in which all the fellow countrymen find again themselves, in how many sfollati.

S. Agata del bianco
To August - Sacred of the maccheroni

S. Cristina d' Aspromonte
To August - Carnival: Folkloristica, handicraft and enogastronomica review

S. Lorenzo

To August - Sacred of maccheroni and the meat of goat

S. Stefano in Aspromonte

To August - Sacred of maccheroni and the musical shows

To August - Scidese Summer: Folklore, handicraft and enogastronomia

To August - Sacred of the Pescespada
The third Sunday of August - Festivity of Saint Rocco

The last Sunday of August - Sacred of the goat
Gastronomica manifestation during which they will be made to taste pietanza made up of goat meat.

29 August - Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Giovanni Batiste

September - October
Wrists (Saint Luca)
2 September - Festivity in honor of the Madonna of the Mountain
Migliaia and migliaia of faithfuls calabrians and sicialian os annually in pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Wrists, place sacred, loaded with history and traditions millenarians. Once it finishes the religious festeggiamenti to you, the country folclore spirit, with abundant lunches, above all made up of meat of goat, and popular dances.
Here like Corrado writer Alvaro, in a brano drawn from "Calabria", it remembers the ancient history of the birth of the Sanctuary of Wrists and the cult of the Madonna of the Mountain: "In the Aspromonte we commonly have a Sanctuary that calls Wrists, but of the Madonna of the Mountain. E' a basiliano convent of the millecento, one of the little that remain in feet in the Calabrie. The Madonna is sicialian work of century XVI, carved in the tufo and colored, with two eyes black, fixed white men and, that they watch from all the parts. Around to the church there is the convent, with little friars seekers that go for the aie, the grape harvests, the trappeti, to make the begging pel convent that is alone in mountain and alive of the charity of all. Around to the sanctuary, from centuries, sicialian community and calabrians have constructed houses for ricoverare their citizens in the days of the festivity that falls between the 1 and the 3 September. This our Madonna that it does not have null of cake, but of urgent, nobody can move it from its niche without that the earthquake happens, and for being able to carry it in processione, poichè not is festivity without processione, if n' it is made one copy, but lighter and not therefore beautiful. This cult nacque in way of all the fabulous one. There is of means a king, the Conte Ruggiero, one hunting, levrieri, a miracle. Going the Conte Ruggiero on the Aspromonte to hunting, it felt its levrieri to scream far away. It noticed found an ox that knelt down frugava with the snout the earth. Greek cross was recovered in that place one, nacque therefore the cult of the Mother of God ".

The first Sunday of September
Great festeggiamenti in honor of Saint Nicodemo A.B

Second Sunday of September
Escursionistica day "From the Shelter they mount Goes them Spana and Seated Monte"

Quarter Sunday of September
Festivity of the SS. Cosma and Damiano

Second Sunday of October
Festivity of SS. Maria of the Rosary

31 October
Festivity of the Fungus and the products of the mountain
Tasting of fungi cooked in several ways, potatoes, fagioli, zucca yellow, chestnuts, roast chestnuts, walnuts and fichi local buckets, wines, etc.

Bruzzano Zeffirio
The first Sunday of September
Festivity in honor of the Madonna of the Chain

Advanced Condofuri
To September - Fair of the handicraft and local the popular traditions

9 September - Festivity of Saint Nicholas

S. George Morgeto
The first Sunday of September - Sacred of the Eggplant ripiena

Reggio Calabria
According to Saturday of September
"Festivity of the Madonna of the Consolation" with civil and religious manifestations.


To September - Sacred of the Stocco

First decade of September - Sacred of the fagiolo
The last Sunday of October - Sacred of the Chestnut

Saint Luca
18 October - Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Luca

To October - Sacred of the chestnut
Gastronomica manifestation during which they are made to taste to the participants the roast chestnuts and cakies made with the flour of chestnuts.

To October - Scillese October
Cultural manifestation to the standard of the folklore, the popular traditions, the handicraft and the enogastronomia.

S. Stefano in Aspromonte
To October - Sacred of the fungi

S. Cristina d' Aspromonte
The third Sunday of October - Sacred of the chestnut

Saint Roberto
Last week of October - Sacred of the chestnut


28 October - Fair of S. Arcangelo: Exposure and sale of the products of the local handicraft.
November - December
4 November - Sacred of the chestnut

To November - Festivity of the wine
Local wine tasting in the old taverns, with assays of typical products; for the ways of the Ancient Village local musicians exhibit themselves.

8 Decembers - Fair of the sapori
Tasting of typical plates prepares to you ancient local prescriptions second.

Christmas Period
Festivity of the Huts with tasting of christmas typical products; Manger in public square; Processione of midnight; Traditional Father Born them with the ass that door gifts to the children.

S. Stefano in Aspromonte
1 November - "Sacred of the roast chestnuts"
To December - "Sacred of the potato" and "Festival of the pig"

6 Decembers - Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Nicholas

6 Decembers - patronale Festivity of Saint Nicholas

6 Decembers - Festivity in honor of the Saint patron Nicholas

Advanced Condofuri
First week of December - Sacred of the aspromontani typical products
Gastronomica review during which the typical products taste local.

Saint Lorenzo
To December - Sacred of the pig

Saint Roberto
To December - Sacred of the pig


30 Decembers - Sacred of the zeppole

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