AREA GRECANICA "Ellenofoni di Calabria"
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In our small Mediterranean world, where too much often the violence and the separation show oneself, they remain alive minority, marginal cultures, esuli, migranti....Ston dicòmma cceddo cosmo mediterraneo pu spithìa fènondo to mblèscima ce to chòrimma mènusi zondàrese ghenèese cceddunedde, ti stecusi stin acri, ti fevgusi stin scenìa, ti pausi sti scenìa.
Roccaforte del Greco, Grecanica Area: Paleariza (R.C.) Italy Italiano  English version

Versione stampabile


A lot synthetically it says that the territorial activity of animation and that of anthropological search have "cortocircuitato" in the last years with that of musician and fascinated of resonance and tools of the ethnic world. Specially mattering it the experience of the festival was Paleariza (in Greek of Calabria "the ancient root") with the construction of a cultural event innovative of large territorial extension in an area from the large historical and anthropological force. From this they other experiences of planning were born and accomplishment of events that had for objective the exploitation of the local cultures , of inside the sites and of their territory.

Artistic direction and cultural project of:

Editions 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 - Festival "PALEARIZA"
Area Grecanica
Etnomusica, trekking and rural hospitality
Africo, Bagaladi, Bova, Bova Navy, Condofuri (Gallicianò , Amendolea,
Condofuri sup.),
Melito P. S. (Prunella, Pentedattilo), Palizzi, Staiti (RC)

Edition 2001 - Festival Medparks 2001
Etnomusica and Meeting of the Parks and of the Naturalistic Reserves of the
Bova, Old Canolo, five branches, Cittanova, Gambarie, Gerace,
Mammola, San Giorgio Morgeto (RC)

Edition 2001 - Festival "Greedy Route"
Etnogastronomia and etnomusica upwards Locride
I draft, Roccella Jonica, Pazzano, Caulonia, Riace and Chimneys
Artistic director and cultural project (RC)

Edition 2001 - Festival "THE Byzantine ISLAND"
Trekking, rural hospitality and etnomusica upwards Locride
Stignano, Bivongi, Placanica, I Draft, Monasterace (RC)

Edition 2000 - Festival "Paths Sounding"
Area Northern Aspromonte
Etnodanza and trekking
Old Canolo, Cittanova, five branches, Gerace, San Giorgio Morgeto (RC)

FROM THE Paleariza 2000

Wherever journey the Greece m' accora
Curtains of mountains, archipelagos, nude granite
Ghiorghios Seferis

The Greece is the dream recurring of this year. But it is a Greece in idea, the country of the dream and of the heart. It is a fantastic creation. It is attractive to imagine that to the times of the Byzantine empire it was possible to leave on foot from a chorìo of the Calabrian Jonio and Ierevan to arrive (navy or superior?), in Armenia, without that no the passport wondered us. No Dantesque nostalgia towards an universal empire but the desire and the utopia of a world without boundaries where the variety is expressed in the art, in the culture, in the (even if clashing ) sights of the life. In the ours small world mediterranean, where too much often themselves appear the violence and the separation, remain alive cultures minority, marginal, exiles, migrating. To the Greek of Calabria like to all those who resist in the battle for the cultural defence of every variety and of the actual precious historical memory Palearìza of this it is dedicated year. The subject of this edition is the real homeland, what everyone carries with sè, what establishes our identity , our manner of to think the affections , the sounds, the perfumes, the objects. The Greek I am a people in shape of archipelago and the grecità is property of the world quite beyond the current boundaries of the native Country. The Greece is wherever, Seferis does not blunder. Greek of Calabria, Greek of Apulia , Greek of the Ponto, Greek of Russia. And wherever with you are the Jews , the gypsy, the kurdi, the armeni and all the "without boundaries " of this land. In Calabria, region of minorities and of emigration , this is perhaps an important speech. It is necessary to reread with new eyes the stones, the times, the statues of the Holy, the ours same names and surnames, our sense of the life and of the death to understand easily that everyone is keeper of a fragment of the infinite mosaic of the grecità, a seed of yeast in the large seal of the Mediterranean one.

The artistic director
Ettore Castagna

The Grècia ene you ònero afetinò pu condofèrri spithìa. But my ene Greece you nnuà , the chora you òneru ce you ccardìa. It settles ola you ònera ghennài Andes ffantasìa. Ene pìzilo to pistèspi you ston kerò you Imperu Bizantìnu esònnete choristì, me you pòdia, asc' ena chorìo you Joniu calavrìsu us esònnete pai I am Ierevan (jalò or vunì?), stin Armènia ce canèna aròtize you Cchora you chorìstima or ticandì I suit. Cammìa nostalgìa danteski jà ènan impèro olòn ton còsmo, but to thèlima ce tin limbisìa jà enan cosmos pu den echos sinòria pu olo ecìno pu den immiàzi ghennài I am lowered cami, I am scipòrema, I am vvlepimìe you zoì pu sònnusi na me mmià zzusi. Ston dicòmma cceddo cosmos mediterranean pu spithìa fènondo to mblèscima ce to chòrimma mènusi zondàrese ghenèese cceddunedde, you stecusi biting stin, you fevgusi stin scenìa, you pausesScenìa. Stu ggrecu you Ccalavrìa settles sce òlus ecìnuse pu cratùsi scerò I am mblèscima jà n' afudìusi jà na mìnusi zondària ola you sciporèmata ce ton docòndo chrisafìno sinèrthima you stòria ene sicomèni the afetinì "Palearìza". To tèmandi ene the homeland alithinì , ecìni pu or catha ena irons methètu, ecìni pu but llèghi pis immasto ce you cùnnome ossu sc' emmà : tin cardiama, tin spichima, you cruìmata, you chjàvura , you pràmata. The Greek ene mìa ghenèa pu mmiazi me ena arcipèlago ce olo ecino pu Greek ene ene to "echos " you cosmu pu pai plen catacì ton simerinò sinòro you cchora you Ggrecia. The Grècia tin thorìse jà pu na ene. Sefèris tie up tin alìthia, den tie up spèmata. Greek you Ccalavrìa, you Ppuglia, you Pontu , you Rrùssia. Ce ja ole you mmèrie, methèndo , the Jews, the gypsy, the kùrdi, the armèni ce oli ecìni pu "den èchusi sinòria" apànu ston cosmos. Stin Calavrìa, chora pu mànusi cedde ghenèe ce cupids the athropi fèvgusi, tuto ene ena llogo pu chrizi. Echume na meletùme metapàle me cinùrja arthàmmia you lithària, you pròsopa, you stàtue to Ajìo , you nòmata ce paranòmata dicàma, little zume tin zoì ce tin pethammìa jà na sòsome ivri catharà settles or catha ena sicònni òssutu ena mmerticò you "olu" pu ene to mosàico atègghiosto pu cràzzete my grecità mmìcciuna hatchets prozìmi stin megàli pitta you Mediterraniu.

Or artistic direttòre
( Version in Greek of Calabria of Salvino Nucera)

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To know it of piu', you see also:
Naturaliter is a Small Cooperative Society to r. l. of the area Grecanica (National Park of the aspromonte), that operates for the search and the spread of the responsible tourism, promovendo col WWF Italy you project aimed at the development echo-compatible. Its partners founders come from varied professional experiences that: animation and formation in environmental field, ecoturismo. The skills of the actual partners check: the tourist services of nets of creation in areas proteus, capable of to involve the local community across traveled of participation and cooperation; the environmental training. In the specific one: the organization and management of trekking.
OBJECT: Approval diagram d’intesa for the promotion of the economical and social development dell’Area Grecanica with care to the P. THE. T. and initiative POR Calabria 2000 – 2006 - I Distribute expenditures for the management associated.
... Itineraries and Places. L' Area Grecanica is characterized also for
A microclima specially sweet that agrees the cultivation of the bergamotto.
It sets to music trekking and rural hospitality from the world in the Calabria Greek
The festival has a valence political more strong nell’Area Grecanica....
Andrea Casile - Mayor of Bova
For the Common dell’Area Grecanica
The Cum. el. ca. is the most old association of the countries of the participating GRECANICA and profit to the inside of the sudetto I enliven; between a journey and another with it "native country Greece" the association puts on a group folkloristico.
Conservatorio Grecanico
It dances, it sets to music, Tradition and Environment in the Calabria Greek
Permanent seat: Cataforìo (RC)



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