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Center mounts of particular naturalistic interest, is situated on the southern depositor dell’Aspromonte, along the course of fiumara the Amendolea. It makes part of the so-called “Comunità Ellenofona di grecanica Calabria”.Il dell’area country is found to 971 meters on the sea level. It has a territory that extends for 54,03 Kmq and confines with the common ones of Reggio Calabria, Bagaladi, Condofuri, Cardeto, Saint Lorenzo, S. Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Roghudi, Stefano Saint in Aspromonte, Sinopoli and Scilla. It tos be distant 62 km from Reggio Calabria.

Italiano THE HISTORY  English version

The history of Roccaforte del Greco (R.C) Italy

Between IX and l’XI the century the common dell’attuale territory of Roccaforte of the Greek was a malarica zone that fell back in the dominion of Bova. News is had, R-with regard to this period, of the presence of nomadic shepherds, but not of true and just an inhabited center: not there is in fact the certainty that had been created a munucipio. Divento' country house of Amendola, Roccaforte was until the inzi of the 1400 under the dominion dell’omonima family. The feudo then transito’ through the Malda de Cardona, the Abenavoli of the Franc, the Martirano, de the Mendoza, the Sylva y Mendoza. Last feudatari were the Ruffo di Bagnara that the rights exercised you from 1624 to 1806, year dell’abolizione of the feudale system. Controversial, like for all the countries dell’area grecanica, it is the date in which the Greeks they were allocated in this territory. On the base of linguistiche considerations, c’è a thesis that inclines for one continuita directed with the colonies magno-Greeks, un’altra laughed them to the period bizantino. It is not of the all improbanile neanche l’ipotesi that to appropriations piu’ antichi have overlapped recent arrivals piu. Laughed them around to the 1535 so-called one “quinta coloizzazione”, un’ondata of approximately cinquecentopersone coming from from Crowns, while l’ultimo survey in such sense is documented from the German Karlo Witte and laughed them to 1821. Like many other countries of the province Reggio Calabria, Roccaforte of the Greek strongly remained tried from the earthquake in 1783, renamed the “ flagelo” for gan the number of provovate victims. In 1807, with the French law, divento’ universita’ in the government of Bova. The decree institutive of comununi and the circondari (4maggio 1811) gave administrative l’autonomia to it.
Until regal the decree dell’8 May 1864 it is statomenzionato simply like Roccaforte. The specification has been added subsequently in how much country of Greek language. The inhabitants call it Vuni, that it corresponds to the Bouv’ neo-Greek; (I mount). According to l’Alessio and the Rohlfs Roccaforte rifa’ to the calabrian rocca (cliff, pebble).
In the 1972 un’alluvione abbatte’ on the Ghorio fraction the Prefettura of ordino’ I clear.


Oppositore of the fascist regimen and patriot. Naque in 1910. He was an fervent supporter of the cominista Party of which it was tesserato. Parti’ like volunteer in Spain, to the continuation of XII the international Brigade “Garibaldi” in order to strike itself against general Franco. Endured the defeat, it was sent in France where it had interned in a concentration camp. Delivered to the Fascists of Mussolini, it was transferred in the prison of La Spezia and, subsequently, sent to the nell’isola border of Ventotene. Only after the fall of the fascist dictatorship riusci’ to rejoin itself with the moglie Russian Giuseppina with La Spezia. In the citta’ from Liguria it had a prominent role nell’attivita’ trade-union for which it came also arrested. Uni’ then to the partisans in Liguria where conbatte until the day of liberation (25 you open them 1945). Returned to La Spezia, inizio’ to military actively in the Communist Party of the citta’. It directed also delpartito theSud-Arsenale section. Rientro’ to Roccaforte of the Greek in the first years of the 60 of the 1900's. Here Moors in 1983. To he public square of the country is entitled one.

Spano’ archpriest;
Prodigo’ for the construction of the church of the Saint Spirit. In country he comes remembered for its caritatevoli works.

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