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The kitchen of Roccaforte of Greek (R.C.) Italy

The culinaria art peasant, from the ancient roots, is characterized from a variety of pietanze whose constants are rinvenibili in the calabrian territory and whose varying, it works them to the historical evolution and economic associate, is connotative of the variegate local traditions.
Typical plate, is the maccaruni made in house, skillfully works you from the massaie, rolls up to you or with "ferretto" or thin shrubs, sayings cannizzi, and flavored with the gravy enriched from the sapore of the goat meat that, usually, comes tasted like second piatto.Fino to some year makes, after to have slaughtered the kidskin, imbottiva its inside, becoming rich it with aromas, and then richiudeva all in the same skin. After to have made it to bubble, one filled with earth and over a fire was ignited that came fed for four hours.
Other condimento is a ragù of meat suina, often mixed and that bovine.
Also diffused it is the verdure and employment legumi, which fagioli, broccoli and fave, for the preparation of zuppe and minestre.
Width is the range of the second plates, some used also like contour, which the $parmesan of eggplants, the frittelle of flowers of zucca, the peperonata one, the trifolati fungi (the all, with olive oil), others made up of pig meat, insaccata hour, the sausage, bubbled hour to along in a pentolone, the frittole, is of kidskin cooked to the furnace with piccanti potatoes and sapori.
Valuable they are the cheeses, annealed and pecorino, and the salumi, often fills with smoke to you, capicollo, lardo and bacon.
In spite of the plentiful presence of trouts in the rivers that cross the territory, the fish is little present in the local kitchen. Between the typical caseari products of the zone c’è the canestrato one, an ovine, goat cheese of latte, vaccine or also mixed. In canestrato comes seasoned in fascere of interlaced joint. The taste is delicate, but reached the just maturation it becomes piu determined and piccane. Particular the cakies, like ghute of the paschal period and the zippuli (or crispelle) of Saint Giuseppe and of Been born them.

Meat of goat, potatoes, gravy of tomato, d’oliva oil, piccante capsicum, knows them q.b.
To wash the meat and to make it pieces. In one frying pan to soffriggere in piccanti d’oliva oil the capsicum. To pour therefore the tomato gravy and to leave on the fire. To meta’ baking to agiungere the meat, potatoes to large slices and to jump. To continue the baking and then to serve the very warm plate.

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