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Center mounts of particular naturalistic interest, is situated on the southern depositor dell’Aspromonte, along the course of fiumara the Amendolea. It makes part of the so-called “Comunità Ellenofona di grecanica Calabria”.Il dell’area country is found to 971 meters on the sea level. It has a territory that extends for 54,03 Kmq and confines with the common ones of Reggio Calabria, Bagaladi, Condofuri, Cardeto, Saint Lorenzo, S. Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Roghudi, Stefano Saint in Aspromonte, Sinopoli and Scilla. It tos be distant 62 km from Reggio Calabria.

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The routes of Roccaforte del Greco (R.C.) Italy

Posizionato on three costoni full of rocks, the village dominates the dell’Amendolea valley. The old part accommodates the Municio, just where second the popular memory rose, to ridosso delprecipizio, the castle then franato. They make from crown the rione castle, ilrione village and the Saint rione Carl, quest’ultimo nearly deserted. Characteristics are the small houses and the narrow lanes in stone. Majestic it is the church matrix dedicated to the Saint Spirit. In the historical center, moreover, it is still possible to see some drawn of walls that they encircled the country. Interesanti the panoramic points from which it is enjoyed un’ampia seen (puo’ to notice also the Sicily and the top dell’Etna).

Church of the Saint Spirit
Building of neoclassico taste, constructed in 1930. On the facade with eardrum, series are noticed one lesene, on high basmanto, equipped of capitello composite. The rectangular portale introduces a broken eardrum to lunetta, sormontato from one monopierces with arc all sixth on cio detaches the coat of arms. Monofore of the same type, enriched from triangular timapani, is found low also. Up and on the lateral facades, instead one series of rectangular openings. On the posterior part a sopraelevato bell tower. L’interno, to only navata, is decorated from one series of columns in red marble, equips of capitelo. The wall dell’abside, on which it detaches a crocifisso, is characterized from a balustrade and from three windows to arc with glasses it colors to you.

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