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Center mounts of particular naturalistic interest, is situated on the southern depositor dell’Aspromonte, along the course of fiumara the Amendolea. It makes part of the so-called “Comunità Ellenofona di grecanica Calabria”.Il dell’area country is found to 971 meters on the sea level. It has a territory that extends for 54,03 Kmq and confines with the common ones of Reggio Calabria, Bagaladi, Condofuri, Cardeto, Saint Lorenzo, S. Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Roghudi, Stefano Saint in Aspromonte, Sinopoli and Scilla. It tos be distant 62 km from Reggio Calabria.

Italiano IT USES, CUSTOMS And TRADITIONS English version

Uses, customs and traditions of Roccaforte del Greco(R.C.) Italy

Curiosita' and legends
The collection of the chestnuts
Un’antica local custom established that poor people could collect liberations the chestnuts except in the period that went from October to the first November during which the right was only up to the legitimate owners of the castagneti.

The memory of the grecanica language
Also not being piu of running use, it is not difficult to meet in country some old in a position to speaking l’affascinante grecanica language, a language much similar one to the ancient Greek.

The engagement
A time was custom, in country, to declare just the love to the woman loved with the ritual of the “cippitinnau. Of l’innamorato night it left a stock l’abitazione of the young person with which it wished to fidanzarsi. If the stock came carried within house larisposta it was affirmative; negative if it came left outside.
A fundamental role had it ilpadre of the girl who ahead carried the negotiation after the demand for engagement. This is the dialogue that kept between the father and the in love young person. “Pis efere ton gippo you dichatiramu? (Who has carried the stock to my daughter). And the young person answered: “To e’fera ego’” (carried L’ho I). In the case in which the decision it had been positive the father of the girl pronounced the phrase: “ The dicatera nu ene koli cippetthenemi!” (My daughter has found a good party) the stock, therefore, she came carried within house with the young person. If the response were negative this it was lafrase: “ghire’ apissu you din ene j’assena to cippo” (the young person Returns behind that the stock is not for you), to this point, did not have piu hopes.

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