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Discussione: Felt kit questions.

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    Predefinito Felt kit questions.

    I don't do felt that often because I find it very tedious, but I have a few felt Xmas stockings for years that I need to do some day. These have sequins and you have to sew the pieces together and stuff them, etc. I guess what I wanted to know is there an easier way to apply all these sequins and beads, rather than by needle? Is there an automatic beader or sequiner out there that I am not aware of? I have used glue in the past and it takes the shine off the sequins/beads, and they don't stick all that well. I googled a bit and found a felter, but I am not sure what that does. It appears that it sticks pieces of felt to other pieces of felt by sticking tons of holes through both pieces. This won't work for sequins right?

    Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading.

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    I've never heard of a machine that attacks the beads. I've always stuck all with needle, thread and a lot of patience ........... I'm sorry, good job.

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